DJ Zeke

When asked about the perks of being a DJ, Zeke insists that there is something special about being able to do what you love. Of course, money is important in today’s world; however, Zeke states, “When a person can apply their passion to their lives, it becomes more play than work, and only then can a person become whole.” Zeke states, “Being a DJ is also being both a student and a teacher. You learn to incorporate the various styles of performing while also being given the opportunity to leave your own impression on the lives you encounter.” Today, Zeke is expected to graduate from St. John’s University as a Business Administration major. When asked about his next step, Zeke says “The real world is a scary place. However, I plan to continue to do what I do best PERFORM. You can look too far ahead. A car can go across the United States with headlights that only lead the way for the next few hundred feet. Baby steps become real steps; real steps become unique swaggers. I’m grateful for my experience thus far, and I hope it can continue way into the future. Music is therapeutic in nature and touches all walks of life’s experiences, and I love the ability to share it with the world.”

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