DJ Young Chow

I go by the name of DJ Young Chow. I’m one of NY’s finest DJ’s. This isn’t just a hobby for me it’s my life. My father king chow inspired me to do what i do. He started me from a toddler. My first real party that i played for was when i was 9. I knew I was going to make something of myself Within the world of entertainment. When i first got $100 for DJing I was so excited. I could barely speak, from then it was over. Now you can see me in all of NY’s hottest club’s. I’ve been to many different state’s including MIA, DC, ATL etc. And of course I DJ in TNT. Next year I’m going tour all over the world, playing music for all types of people and different cultures. Be sure to watch out for the madness. I’m half Trini and half Chinese. I’m well educated and have a lot of goals. I’m one of the youngest top DJ’s out there. And trust me I’m going to be one of the top DJ’s ever known!!!!!!!!! My stage name is Young Chow. My crew VIP includes my older brother Chinese, Spin Citi, Hyper Leon, and Juke Box. Your most likely to see us all together and you already know our party’s are always crazy.

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