DJ Silas

dj-silas Let’s face it; trying to reach one’s goals in life is never easy. There has to be a certain drive that motivates individuals to keep going. DJ Silas motivation is fueled by the energy of music and he is determined to accomplish big things in the entertainment industry. While he makes his line of work seem flawless, it didn’t happen overnight. It took lot of time and dedication to get where he is. Yet, he is still growing. DJ Silas’ interest for music goes back to listening to records at a young age, around the time when his sister was involved with dancing. His career began when his mother was trying to organize a sweet 16 party for him and his twin sister. Instead of hiring the services of a DJ, Silas asked his mother if he could get a shot at providing the entertainment for the party. So she gave him his first set that included two speakers and turntables and from there was the start of his journey. You can now find the 27 year old disc jockey constantly going out to clubs and events every night networking and gaining exposure. As well as seeking the thrill of entertaining others with the art of mixing. DJ Silas has made himself into a one-man marketing machine. Not only does he use the major networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and My space, but he also has his own website He also reaches out to those who are not involved in social network by, text messages, emails, and using traditional event flyers. If he is not Djing at an event you will find him throwing his own parties to stay connected with his fans. DJ Silas is not one dimensional by any means. While he loves hip-hop, he also does sets featuring dance, reggae, house, pop, the top 40 and even Latin music. He is currently member of All Pro DJs which is involved with Power 105 own DJ Prostyle (Heavy Hitter, BET, 106&Park, Ciroc Boy etc). Silas also has worked with, who gave him his own slot every Saturday at 8pm. Currently you can find DJ Silas spinning at the most hottest clubs in NYC. As for his future, he says he wants to pursue a collegiate education for Broadcasting, so it can open up more doors. DJ Silas journey continue on as he dedicates himself towards his career path “I’m really focused on the Djing and I’m going to see where it goes and where it can take me.” DJ SILAS

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