DJ G$Money

G$Money is widely known for his blend mix-tapes that swarmed the streets of New York. This success would eventually catch the eye of young music mogul/entrepreneur Basco Rebenga who in turn offered him a major role as the official DJ for Co-Star Entertainment. In less than 2 years DJ G$Money has released over six mix-tapes, and captioning an audiences ranging from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, all the way to Virginia, Florida, California, and even Japan. He also works as the Head of the A&R Department for Co-Star Entertainment, in which he currently works directly with Co-Star Entertainments lead artist, Yung 6 & Flip. He currently works with Drahma Magazine on their radio show (DrahmaReality Radio), as well as the AOL Mix through Tapemasters INC. on AOL Radio.   AMentor/DJ for I Love My Life Program, which is a program that helps young adults in the community.  G$Money is a loyal & dedicated member and have spoken to several children at different high schools.  The Program was featured on the Salt N Pepa Show and in The Newsday, Our Times, Channel 5 & 9 News.    G$Money has recently received his Bachelors Degree at FiveTowns College majoring in Business Management with a concentration inAudio Recording.  This young ambitious and highly driven individual strives to leave his legacy on the world by proving to everyone that he will settle for nothing less than continual achievement. My legacy will be to ask anyone in the world one question?…Do You Realize Who I am? Its, Its, Its, G$Money!!!

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