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Dropping the sounds that isn't easily defined on eager ears, DJ Desim is emerging as a sound to be reckoned with …

Born to a mother who was a ballet dancer and a musician father, Desim has the arts practically embedded in her DNA. Raised in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, she spent her childhood snooping through her Dad’s record collection, playing all the Prince, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd she could get her hands on and her home was always filled with the sounds of reggae, Brazilian jazz, and the emerging hip hop beats of the 80s.

During her childhood in the city, Tunisia connected with her family’s musical roots by joining the Middle Collegiate Church Choir in the East Village, singing in the prestigious St. Bartholomew’s Choir in Midtown and as a teenager attending the LaGuardia Performing Arts High School.

She also started exploring the underground NYC rave and skateboard scene, and found herself captivated by the music, especially drum n bass. Motivated to explore this scene in other places, she moved to San Francisco and found herself getting down to the sounds of Derrick Carter, David Harness, DJ Laird, JT Donaldson, Mark Farina and Miguel Migs. Inspired by the music, it was at this point when she decided to revisit her childhood love for records and start spinning her own house mixes. This is when Desim was born.

DJ Desim’s first gigs were in Vegas at the Red Room and Ra Sushi. From there, she moved back to the East Coast and found herself opening for Lord G, Hector Hex, and Darryl James at Bar 13 in NYC and has been spotted spinning at weeklies, art galleries, store openings, and other special events around New York and the world...

Keep an ear out for DJ Desim cause you just might discover that she is the one responsible for turning you out...

Twitter @djdesim
IG @djdesimnyc

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