Murad Osmann Amazing Images

4f9bf774662c11e2ab4322000a1fa430_7 I thinks its safe to say most guys get dragged around by their girlfriend to do things we don't wanna do, but after Murad's better half pulled him one day in 2011 and he accidentally took a great image he went on to create  great photographic series, " Follow Me To". This series he replicates this image across the entire globe in great locations. Below are some images from his instagram page...     017a8ca430ed11e3b78a22000a9f193c_8 47d2e3c6f50d11e1b8e822000a1e8b8e_7 6924d9122dc411e3a8c922000a1fc80c_8 646d12b87c7511e39f8f0e8c395a91e4_8 433eac42cccb11e1b10e123138105d6b_7 52328cfe4b3a11e1abb01231381b65e3_7 926483_236844529844414_1644738997_n 926721_1488242854723054_987149839_n 1168732_320817191389613_159064085_n 1599209_1494439207449035_1227284069_n 1530783_586158398131343_812851914_n 1889102_462123227243948_505770629_n 10369368_1523912154498221_256596907_n 10413235_719495028108706_1847349892_n      

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