Fabric Twinz

New York City based designer, Tanise "Fabric Twinz" Francis is taking the fashion scene by storm. Known as one half of the "The Fabric Twinz" duo by the industry's elite, Tanise has been able to maintain the popularity and integrity of the Fabric Twinz brand since her partner's departure in 2011. Since then, she renamed the company F2 and has dressed and styled hip hop icons such as Lil Kim, R&B sensation K.Michelle, actress Elise Neal, Terri Vaughn, tv host Rocsi Diaz, R&B Sensation Dondria and Lil'Mo. Reality TV stars from VH1's Love & Hip Hop and Basketball Wives such as Thairy Jose, Shaunie O Neal, Jennifer Williams just to name a few. Even many of NYC's most popular socialites. The original concept behind The Fabric Twinz derived from the designers creating two different pieces using the same fabric. he Fabric Twinz would model their own designs at the trendy nightlife and industry events in New York City which eventually sparked the interests of promoters, socialites, and celebrities. Six months later their designs were featured in popular publications such as Vibe Magazine. The Fabric Twinz moved on and continued to promote their brand by independently producing their own fashion shows where on many occasions had audiences of over 300 people with celebrity stylists and celebrities alike in attendance. Once Tanise and her partner parted ways ,she became sole owner of The Fabric Twinz brand. As Tanise continued to grow, so did the Fabric Twinz line. She continued to produce new pieces with new concepts which eventually led to her changing the brand's name to F2. This Fall, The F2 brand will debut a new collection and continue to showcase F2 custom made dresses. Presently, F2 can be seen being featured on television, in magazines, blogs, music videos, red carpets, special events and numerous sodality boutiques across the states.

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